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The vibrant island nation of Hong Kong is a great place to visit at any time of year, as there is always something to see and do here. However, with numerous different accommodation options to choose from scattered in various districts of the city, picking the perfect place to stay can sometimes be a little tricky. What follows is a brief overview of some of the best locations to stay in Hong Kong. In order to secure your hotel or guesthouse of choice, it is best to book in advance using a Platinum Card.

Visitors who want to stay in the thick of things will probably choose to stay in the Kowloon district of Hong Kong. This is where there biggest and biggest bars, nightclubs and shopping malls can be found, as well as plenty of other attractions.

People who are on a tight budget may want to check out the accommodation options in the Wan Chai and Causeway Bay areas of Hong Kong. These areas are located along the waterfront and attract few tourists, which means that there are plenty of cheap guesthouses to be found. Although it takes a little time to travel into the heart of Hong Kong from these areas, they still boast excellent transportation networks.

There are also some cheap and cheerful budget options to be found on Nathan Road. Although the hotels and hotels and guest houses here are extremely basic, the benefit of staying here is that visitors will be placed right in the heart of the action.

However, visitors who have plenty of cash to splash and have a taste for the finer things in life will soon discover that Hong Kong has an abundance of luxurious hotels to choose from. Many of the leading hotels can be found in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong and offer guests excellent views of the city from their enormous picture windows. People who are looking for a little pampering and glamour during their stay in Hong Kong will find that they are really spoiled for choice in the Wan Chai district. The magnificent hotels that are located here offer the full range of luxury amenities, from fine dining to well stocked spas and fitness centres and are arguably some of the best hotels in this part of the world.


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What Instruments are Available?


Acoustic guitars have been the staple type of guitar for a long time, & even today are still widely used in plenty of venues & across a great plenty of music genres. The sounds produced are what make these highly prized instruments.


Beginning with the classic guitar, this will still encompass a great range of different types & makes, some famous, others ideal for beginners, some for particular style of music. While guitars can come with a variety of numbers of strings, the giant majority are six string guitars, & this news story will focus only on these.


Following, blocked drains n5 there’s bass guitars, which are usually string guitars, & produce a much deeper sound that standard guitars. Apart from their design, they are similar to electric guitars.


Electric guitars are massively popular among most bands today, & sees them on a regular basis in music venues. With their sounds transmitted through an amplifier, they offer a great variety in the sounds they can produce, which gives them an edge over acoustic guitars.



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